Let’s start from the beginning…

Finding Out

I feel like this has been the longest couple of months of my entire life!! Wednesday May 6th was the day we found out we were having a baby!! Eeeek! I had a feeling I was pregnant , my period was a day late and I’m usually on a 28 day cycle to the day every month. I was wayyy more bloated than normal and I generally just didn’t feel 100%. The day before I past a pharmacy and thought I better go in and get a test, with a plan to take it first thing the following morning. I got all the way home to realise the test was out of date, something in my head was telling me to go back and get a replacement, so I did! 

My husband Jonny knew I had a test and had planned to take it the following morning, I was desperate for the toilet at 5.30am so I went to the toilet with the test and oh my goodness my eyes couldn’t beleive what I was seeing, two lines showed up immediately. I woke Jonny up, all excited and it was a lovely moment together of feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness.

Seven Week Scan

I found out I was pregnant so early on, four weeks on the dot. I thought to myself waiting another 8 weeks to have a scan seems so far away. We booked to have a private scan locally at seven weeks to reassure us that everything was ok. It was a private clinic called Window to the Womb and I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. It was so amazing to see, the baby was so tiny measuring 1mm, a size of a sesame seed. We did also see a very fast strong heartbeat beating away, which was really emotional but so incredible to see. 

Pregnancy Symptons 

Growing a baby during a global pandemic hasn’t been easy, due to the current climate and the restrictions on not be able to see family/friends etc, it has been quite difficult in terms of feeling quite isolated. We told immediate family our news, however the last 8 weeks of knowing, the time seems to of passed very slow. I found myself turning to the internet and finding comfort in reading and listening to other people’s experiences online which has helped me massively. It’s reassured me that everything I was feeling was normal and that I’m not alone and a lot of other pregnant mummas have felt the same! 

The 7 week scan confirmed, I had a healthy little baby inside me, my sensible head also kicked in, reminding myself it’s still early days vs I’m having a baby – a sense of joy mixed with anxiety hit. 

The last twelve weeks for me have been really up and down, good days/bad days. The hardest part for me had to be the overall change in my routine. In terms of pregnancy symptons, they remained pretty mild in comparison of what some women go through. From week six I experienced tiredness like never before, I’m usually very active so not being be able to jump out of bed in the morning and go on my morning run was replaced with lying on the sofa finding it hard to find the tiniest bit of energy to do anything was really difficult. I’d sleep for ten hours and then have some breakfast go for a walk and feel completely wiped out when I got back. The afternoon naps were becoming a daily thing. The tiredness reduced alot by week 10 and I even went on a couple of light jogs when I felt up to it. 

I have been eating SO much, my body has been craving all the carbs and junk food. We’re talking salt and vinegar crisps, ice lollies, pasta and bagels. I usually eat quite healthy but I was eating up to four packets of salt and vinegar squares a day as they made me feel less nauseous. I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking especially anything fried or the smell of garlic, I was just eating really plain foods. Regular snacking defintely helped with the sickness, again by week 10 this really improved. I was able to focus on eating slightly healthier and getting some nutrients in. 

Things that have helped me during my first trimester have been: try and focus and have a positive mindset as it makes all the difference, I know some days it’s easier said than done went you’re not feeling your best. Try and relax as much as you can, take a long relaxing bath, pop a hair and face mask on, moisturise, treat yourself to some comfy loungewear. After all our bodies are changing and growing a baby and we deserve to feel great. Having a good support network around you is important, it can feel quite isoalting in the first twelve weeks due to not very many people knowing, daily chats with my sister and mum defintely helped. 

I have shared with you below some of my pregnancy purchases so far. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first trimester. 

Gemma xxx


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