Flower Crown Making in London – Airbnb Experience

Airbnb no longer just offer accomodation, they have recently launched ‘Experiences’ were you can enjoy unique local travel experiences. It can entail multi-day actitivites or one-off events which are all hosted by locals. Covering all areas of interest, including food, fashion, music, sport and history.

I partnered with Airbnb to test run their new London experience offerings. They have so many great experiences to choose from and I think it’s a great way to try something new if you’re going away for the weekend or even just to enjoy in your home city. It would also make a great gift for somebody’s birthday. After reading through the list of experiences I decided to book ‘Flowers with not your average florist’ It explained that our day would involve flower crown making, tea and cake which sounded like a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

I invited my twin sister Laura along. We met for coffee at Hackney City Farm at a cafe called Frizzante, where our lovely host organised tea and coffee for the group. We enjoyed our coffee whilst our host explained to us what flowers would be best for making flower crowns. She recommended choosing flowers with sturdy long stems as they will make the flower crown more secure. We headed to Columbia Road flower market just a short walk away from Hackney City Farm. One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to go to the flower market and choose some fresh beautiful flowers for the week. We wandered up and down the market choosing what flowers we wanted, soaking up the atmosphere.

After choosing our flowers we headed to The Flower Appreciation Society studio. We put all the flowers in the middle of workspace where we were able to get started with making our flower crown. The smell coming from the flowers and the colour were just beautiful. You could choose to do your flower crown however big or small you wanted to. I used little white and pink roses, wax flowers, orange ranunculus and white gypsophila. The process is relatively easy, it can be quite time consuming depending on how thick you want your crown to be. I found it very therapeutic and relaxing and was very pleased with the end result. It was such a lovely way to spend a Sunday and was great learning a new skill and doing something different.

You can see what Airbnb experiences are available here 🙂

G xx


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