Israeli Food In London

Bala Baya brings a taste of Israel to London with some delicious small plates, great cocktails and a modern, trendy feel.  It’s situated a couple of minutes walk from Southwark station, the restaurant is located within the old arches, giving a cool, industrial vibe.

Head Chef Eran Tibi’s, describes the restaurant as a poem to Tel Aviv – It’s about an honest love between food and people. His love of Tel Aviv and its many unique eating habits has inspired him to create a menu that mimics a day in the life of the “White City”. It was so delicious, I’ve never experienced food quite like it.  We went for the tasting menu which is priced at £35 per person which I thought was great value for money. You get a total of eight dishes and it all comes when it’s ready, the dishes are all to share. Click here to look at all the tasting menu’s available.

Chickpea/ Chickpea & slow braised Oxtail with tahini and warm hummus, served with pitta.

Cauliflower, char-roasted, topped with a tasty crumble and cool yoghurt. This was full of flavours, it was sweet, crunchy and melted in your mouth. Go try it yourself.

Spring Salmon which we demolished in minutes.

Beef & Onion, Pink Fir Potatoes & Horseradish Cream, Spinach & Pecorino

Burnt Babka with plums & Malabi

The food is super delicious, the atmosphere is great and it’s a brilliant place to go with friends. They do a weekend brunch menu which I can’t wait to try. Has anybody tried it?

Gem xx




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