London’s first ever Naanery

You’ll be pleased to know Indian restaurant Baluchi has just launched London’s first ever Naanery where the menu is entirely dedicated to naan bread. A meal consisting of naan bread and wine is perfection to me. The executive chef Santosh Shah and head chef Jomon gave us an incredible dining experience, which I can’t wait to tell you all about.

Firstly let me start by saying the building and interiors of the Lalit Hotel are absolutely stunning. Baluchi’s is decorated beautifully with rich blues and dark wood with statement chandeliers as you walk in.

These naans are no ordinary naan’s, they have four flavours on the menu including porcini and truffle, fig and cheese kulcha, blue cheese and coconut and mango. Each paired with their own complimenting wine. It was the first time I tried an Indian wine, it was really great. Each naan bread tasted delicious, it was hard to pick a favourite.

All the naans are made by hand and cooked in a special iron tandoor. The tandoor oven can get as hot as 400 degrees celsius. Expert naan-makers like chef Jomon can tell if it’s at the right temperature just by putting his arms in. The naan is stuck to the inside walls of the tandoor with a little bit of water, and then taken out with a couple of long metal prongs with hooks on the end, the other with a scraper. I got to have a go myself alongside chef Jomon.

The naanery experience also includes a traditional tiffin, serving the most delicious butter chicken, dal Baluchi, pilau rice and carrot halwa. The menu is priced at £55 per person or £99 for two. It’s such great value and truly a fantastic dining experience.

You can book via the website at or find them at 181 Tooley Street, London SE1 2JR.


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